About the Trust 

The Pioneer Academy was established in 2011 at Stewart Fleming Primary School in Beckenham and has since grown to 17 schools across the South East. Each school is unique in its setting but with a core shared vision – Safe, Happy, Learning. Along with core teaching, PE has always been a prominent subject in all schools. 


Your need was

The Trust was looking for a consistent approach to the teaching of PE. Previously, each school was using something slightly different and teacher skillsets differed between schools depending on whether there was a specialist PE Teacher. The Trust was seeking a PE curriculum that could be delivered by all staff and would provide a consistency between schools – teaching, assessment, resources. Not only did we feel that this would improve the teaching of PE and the outcomes for children but it would also support teachers balance their workload.  


Why PE Pro

PE Pro was a natural choice, largely down to its comprehensive lesson plans, its video demonstrations to support teachers and a built-in assessment package. The ability to work with the team directly, through staff training, and through regular feedback has allowed us to bespoke the curriculum even further to meet our needs. PE Pro covers a huge range of sports and the progressive lesson plans ensure that children’s skills build year on year. 


Impact on the Staff 

For staff, PE Pro has improved teaching. The pre-written, detailed lesson plans allow teachers to focus predominantly on adaptation so that they can meet the needs of all learners in their class. The familiar structure of each lesson plan, again allows teachers to focus on the resourcing and the variation. Inexperienced staff are building up their skills, and are able to access the videos, if unclear, in order to improve their practice. 


Impact on the Pupils 

For pupils, PE Pro helped to develop and build on their physical skills. Children are being exposed to a wide range of sports and are also benefitting from learning about Health and Well-being through the program. They are engaged in their lessons, eager to take part and enjoying the range of sports on offer. PE Pro’s emphasis on physical literacy, with fundamental movement skills being of paramount importance, is having a huge impact on our youngest learners as they develop their gross motor skills.