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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Progressive, fun and exciting scheme of learning
  • Improves teacher’s confidence to deliver outstanding PE
  • Improves children’s physical literacy
  • Learn our unique ‘Elite Systems’
  • Over 1000 short professional videos
  • Lesson plans
  • Video assessments
  • Health and wellbeing units
  • Impact report to evidence sports premium

PE PRO will educate and inspire all teachers to deliver outstanding PE. Progressive lessons, Health and Wellbeing sessions, sports specific activities from coaches that have worked around the world have been adapted to suit all key stages. Every lesson is engaging, fun with a positive learning outcome with over 1000 professional short videos for all key stages, assessments and other simple tools allowing teachers to quickly upskill their knowledge and confidence in delivering PE.

Researched and developed by professors, Dr’s, headteachers, AFPE, Ofsted inspectors, PE experts, Elite coaches and sports professionals..

We are now offering a brand new update equipment pack worth £300 when they sign up to a 12 month licence. This pack will give teachers the opportunity to teach over 300 new activities that will be in our app come September

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We offer a 14 day trial where you get full access to all the functionality of our app, including video content, lesson plans, assessments and more! You can also request a zoom meeting with one of the team to help you get to grips with the app.

Yearly Subscription

The cost of a yearly subscription to the PE PRO app is £1250

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Client Testimonials

We all value physical education as a subject that should be at the heart of the curriculum but demands and recent events have presented many challenges. Teachers are under phenomenal pressure in schools to ensure that they deliver a broad and balanced curriculum and ensure that pupils experience a rich and diverse range of activities to help them build confidence, competencies and realise their potential. The workforce is the key to opening the secret garden that will leave a legacy to improve children and young peoples’ physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. This app is excellent in offering practical support to help upskill the workforce in a range of activities, using visual representation, lesson content which includes progressions and methods of assessment. These activities are inclusive and can be adapted to meet the needs of children and young people, equipment and facilities.


“The development of health, fitness, physical activity and wellbeing is a priority for all youths. Physical Education is key to developing the key fundamental movement skills and athletic qualities alongside instilling a love for sport and physical activity to allow the nation to be active and healthy. Whilst these are the aims, there are numerous challenges that exist. Within schools, teachers have a broad range of responsibilities that includes the delivery of Physical Education, which some may have limited training to deliver effectively. Therefore, providing teachers and schools resources to deliver high quality, inclusive and appropriate Physical Education sessions is vital! The PE Pro App does just that. It provides an invaluable resource to teachers to deliver effective PE lessons that focus on movement skill development, athletic qualities, developing competence and confidence while having fun with their pupils. The App provides over 250 activities in an easy to navigate way with very accessible videos and session plans. Lessons and activities are available for EYS to Year 6 showing the progressions of activities. This will be a great resource for primary schools across the UK.”

Professor of Athletic Development within the Sports Coaching Group in the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University

This revolutionary PE APP which will support experienced and inexperienced teachers to deliver highly effective and progressive lessons across every area of National Curriculum PE. This is an incredibly user-friendly APP which is far more versatile than most traditional lesson plans currently available. Each lesson within the APP has a visual demonstration for each section of a lesson, alongside a detailed explanatory commentary; supporting non-specialist teachers particularly well. Each lesson is designed to support students of all ages. It allows the teacher to develop students’ subject-specific knowledge and vocabulary; teach the specific skills required and then support them to assess students’ progress against the learning objectives and easily identify students’ next steps. I believe the APP will not only add engagement and fun to our current curriculum, but is a really effective use of the Sports Premium Funding as it will help to ensure that all staff have continued professional development to maximise their confidence in delivering PE across every phase of the national curriculum.


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