This is your how to guide for PE PRO

Easily direct your way through our learning resource to give you a proper understanding  to deliver fantastic PE in your school.

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1. Here is your Tabs section

Each tab will guide you to a different section of PE PRO. The tabs you have available to you are Curriculum, Lessons, Assessments, Documents and More tabs.

2. Curriculum

In this section you have a wide variety of subject topics specifically designed for whichever year you are teaching. You can also Edit your curriculum to make it meet your year groups needs. 

3. Lessons

In this Tab you can see all of PE PROs lessons from EYFS right through Year 6. Each subject is split into 6 weeks, each lesson has a lesson plan and 5 videos to help you deliver that certain lesson. 

4. Assessment – Classes

To input your class details you need to follow these simple steps. Click on ASSESSMENTS then you need to click ADD. Once you’ve added your class name you need to click on CLASSES from there click on YOUR CLASS and then EDIT to add your pupil information.

5. Assessment – Scoring

Now its time to Assess your pupils. If you go back to the lessons Tab and go to whichever Key Stage you’ll be assessing you’ll see an Assessments button, from there you can see all the criteria for you to assess (each Key Stage is different). Go back to the Scoring button on the assessments tab and start marking your pupils Red, Amber and Green while they are doing the activities in the videos.

6. Assessment – Results

You’ve now assessed your pupils and your wanting to see the results. Click back to onto the assessments tab at the side and click on results, you can now see which pupils are meeting targets and which ones require improvements. All results are downloadable for hard copies.

7. Documents

The next tab you’ll see is DOCUMENTS, in this tab you can use this as a type of Learning Zone to up skill yourself with relevant knowledge and understanding of PE and PE PRO.

8. More…

The MORE Tab will allow you to add users to your account and see when your account may expire.


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