In short, physical literacy is important because it provides children with the building blocks to be physically active. So if a child knows how to throw a ball, he or she can play baseball, or if a child knows how to kick a soccer ball, he or she can play soccer. And while it is important for children to develop their physical literacy, it is not something that can fully be achieved or acquired. In other words one cannot be “physically literate”. Instead we are each on our own physical literacy journey and each child will be at his or her own level of physical literacy at any given time.

What You Get

We have assessments available which are designed to show the impact PE PRO has on teachers and children.

On week 1, week 18, and week 36 of using the app, teachers are asked to answer 6 simple questions regarding confidence, planning, and skill progression. The app provides statistics and graphs which can be used to provide evidence of a positive impact.

Children are assessed using a holistic approach to physical literacy. While terms like exercise and physical fitness are still valued in the field of physical activity, a higher value is now placed on physical literacy because it provides the stepping stones for improving physical fitness and activity. Having the knowledge to help lay those stepping stones through physical literacy assessment will help foster future generations and help children progress on their own physical literacy journeys.

Motivation and Confidence (Affective)

Motivation and confidence refers to an individual’s enthusiasm for, enjoyment of, and self-assurance in adopting physical activity as an integral part of life.

Physical Competence (Physical)

Physical competence refers to an individual’s ability to develop movement skills and patterns, and the capacity to experience a variety of movement intensities and duration’s. Enhanced physical competence enables an individual to participate in a wide range of physical activities and settings..

Knowledge and Understanding (Cognitive)

Knowledge and understanding includes the ability to identify and express the essential qualities that influence movement, understand the health benefits of an active lifestyle, and appreciate appropriate safety features associated with physical activity in a variety of settings and physical environments.


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