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Our Story.
Our Mission.

Our mission at PE PRO is to inspire every child, primary teacher and school we work with. PE PRO is specifically designed to upskill all teachers to deliver outstanding PE, whilst exceeding standards, and helping to grow each child’s love of PE and sport.


Ryan Hudson

15 years of Super League Rugby & 20 years of coaching. 

After playing 15 years of Super League and International Rugby, Ryan’s enthusiasm and passion for coaching people shone through when he was appointed as Head of Youth Development at Wakefield Wildcats Rugby League Club. Ryan has developed pathways and programs for children in schools, scholarships, and academy, all the way through to first-team rugby. He has been coaching for over 20 years and his mission is to inspire and develop young children to achieve their true potential. Over the years, Ryan has run successful businesses in the sport, health and fitness industry.



MBE & OBE for services to sport & World Cup winner. 

Jason grew up as part of a single-parent family in a poor area of Leeds, but has never allowed his background to stop him achieving his dreams. He was introduced to rugby by his school PE teacher and began his professional career at just 17 years old. Jason has worked tirelessly to become the ultimate sportsman and is the only Englishman to have scored a try in a Rugby Union World Cup Final. Jason’s trademark side-step, devastating acceleration and ability to beat defenders, makes him one of the true greats of both codes. He was awarded the MBE for his role in the 2003 World Cup and the OBE for services to Rugby in 2008. Now more than ever, this rugby legend highlights why PE can change lives!


The Concept


Why choose PE PRO?

We believe every child should receive FUN, high quality PE lessons to ensure every child is on their physical literacy journey. This will help children develop a love for school PE lessons and ultimately go on to lead a healthy, active lifestyle in later life.

What is PE PRO?

We aim to inspire, upskill and give all teachers the confidence and knowledge to deliver outstanding PE through using the PE PRO. We understand the pressures and time constraints on teachers and using the PE PRO will make PE lesson’s simple, easy and fun to teach.

How does PE PRO work?

A Pe lesson can be planned while having a cup of coffee as the PE PRO has over 1000 short professional videos that speeds up teachers knowledge and understanding of “what and how” to deliver a PE lesson. Gone are the days of buying old resources that are collecting dust in the cupboard, This app takes out the paperwork as everything is on one app, from assessments to a full curriculum of pe.

Why choose pe pro?

The difference between PE PRO and other schemes of work.

PE Pro - Physical Literacy

Our Elite systems have been proven in primary schools for over 7 years. We are currently supporting 12,000 children every week in schools, 150 schools using it worldwide and Bradford SCITT are using the PE PRO for all teacher trainees!

Our professional sports background, and academics provided by doctors and professors, accredited by The Association of PE, have been blended together to create our unique product. The app enables teachers to upskill, and deliver high quality PE, in confidence. We provide over 1000 Pe videos, and 300 pe lesson plans to cover every aspect of the PE curriculum, which is all included in the app.

PE PRO is a sustainable use of your School’s PE & Sport Premium. It is a new online PE resource that provides an unparalleled number of PE and Games lessons for primary school teachers. We have an abundance of material that has been especially compiled for all primary and early years aged children, to provide high quality progressive lessons for an entire school year’s curriculum.


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